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So Easy Your ultimate slim care Nutri-scheme

INS So Easy Slim Care Nutri-Scheme is a nutritionally-balanced, safe, natural and healthy way for detoxification and weight loss in the same time. It helps in discharging of major toxin called mucoid plaque from our body in short period through 3 functional stages.

The mucoid plaque can be discharged from our body and the physiological system of human can be normalized.


INS So Easy Slim Care Nutri-Scheme leverages on 3 major functional stages to provide optimal healthy and slimmming effect, i.e Detoxification, Healing and Nourishing.

* Detoxification
  Bio-Diet & Bio-Balance contains oil palm fiber and organic substance to eliminate toxins in our body, in other words, remove all the Chronic Dung (mucoid plaque) accumulated in our colon walls.

* Healing
  Bio-Wheatgrass is made of wheatgrass and organic enzymes All these elements assist our body in regulate metabolism, hormone imbalance, improve blood circulation and cell function. Help to restrict cancer cells and chemical elements by reducing the risk of infectious diseases.

* Nourishing
  Bio-Cell consists of 18 types of amino acids, 7 types of vegetables extract, vitamins, minerals, omega & nucleic acid. The nucleic acid content promotes regeneration healthy new cells, reduces any uncomfortable reaction and provide energy. This function is to improve our immune system and provide balanced nutrients in addition to the ideal body shape we dream for.

Our metabolism system will be normalized by the above 3 major functions of INS So Easy Slim Care Nutri-Scheme. The excess fat and damaged cells will be discharged from our body naturally.

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