Thin People and Cholesterol

Is it true that thin people don't have to worry about their cholesterol level?

The Answer Is: No. It is very wrong to think that way. Any body type, from very thin to obese, can have high cholesterol. Although overweight people have a higher chance of having higher cholesterol levels, thin people should never ignore their cholesterol levels.

There are tow types of cholesterol - HDL (good cholesterol) and LDL (bad cholesterol). LDL is considered bad because it deposit cholesterol plaques onto artery walls, which can hardens the arteries and leads one to develop CardioVascular Disease.

Even if one is considered thin, it is advisable to have one's cholesterol levels checked regularly. Most of the time people who don't gain weight easily are less aware of how much saturated and trans-fat they consume. Besides checking cholesterol levels, exercising is vital for one to stay healthy.

So remember, it is important to have your cholesterol checked and exercise regularly, in spite of your weight, physical activity and diet.

Hewo Consultation Team  Source:  http://www.hewo.com/default.aspx?task=content&id=283

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