Thousands in shock over death of Taiwanese singer due to Breast Cancer at 34


Sat, Apr 11, 2009
The Star/Asia News Network

ALL major Chinese newspapers highlighted the death of Taiwanese singer Judy Huang Yan Lin, nicknamed A Sun, who succumbed to breast cancer in a Taiwan hospital on Monday.

It is learnt that Huang, well known for her song Leaves, was diagnosed with end-stage breast cancer in October last year.

Her battle with the illness ended after six months of chemotherapy, reported China Press.

Huang, who supported her mother, was portrayed as a tough woman who never complained about hardships in life.

“Everyone was in shock when they heard about her death as she had been keeping her sickness to herself, without informing her friends and family.

“She did not want them to worry about her,” the daily added. -The Star/ANN



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