Weight Loss Herbs - Why Use Herbs?

Herbs are 100% natural. Their benefits have been documented for centuries. Physicians are now starting to look at herbs again after decades of turning to synthetic drugs that produced results that weren’t any better and came with far more complications. An example of their frustrations came in diet foods in the late 70’s and early 80’s. Saccharin was a synthetic substitute for sugar. It was used in hundreds of products and sold raw as a substitute for table sugar. It was later found that Saccharin was a carcinogen causing cancer in thousands of people. Herbs are a natural, effective way to achieve weight loss.

Benefits and Safety Concerns of Chinese Medicinal Herbs
The unique characteristics and benefits of chinese herbal medicine are appealing to Westerners for many reasons.
More people than ever are looking for natural and healthy ways to improve their overall health and increase their quality of life. TCM takes a holistic mind, body, spirit approach to healing that is very appealing. Some of the more popular reasons for trying this approach are listed below:

 - Time tested for thousands of years in China and used effectively
 - Current research supports effectiveness in many areas including the  treatment 
of cancer, endometriosis and infertility
 - Cost effective when compared to Western treatments
 - A natural, holistic approach to health care

Many pre-packaged formulas of chinese healing herbs are available in the US and they are regulated by the Food and Drug Administration (FDA). It is important to remember that currently herbal and dietary supplements are regulated as foods, not as drugs.

This means that the standard is not as rigid or restrictive as it is for pharmaceuticals, and they are not pre-approved for their safety or effectiveness. Many herbs are toxic and the biggest risk to consumers is when over the counter products are purchased and consumed and then react adversely with prescription drugs that a person may be taking.

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 Source: http://www.herbportal.com/herbal-medicine-articles/chinese-medicinal-herbs.htm
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